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  • Polititian Siegfried Benker of the Green Party, Munich, Germany presented a Fashion show at the Kinder-and Jungenfarm Munich, to launch their new "All-Year-Round- Collection" of quality Clothing, designed by themselves, together with Fashion Designer  Ruth Egeressy (BA Fashion & Textiles, DeMontfort University) under the Motto "Thought by Us and Made by Profis". 
  • The Outerwear part of the Collection will shortly be available on-line at 
  • Swimwear part of the Collection is available here at

Münchenanzeiger - Hallo Aubing - Sonntag 21.09.08  Title: Oase feiert Geburtstag - 20 Jahre Kinder-und Jugendfarm in Neuaubing (Ref: Complete Article)