Sustainable swimwear made with ECONYL®regenerated nylon 100% from waste.

We create eco-friendly UPF50+ certified sun-protection swimweaar for baby's and children. Since 2019 our new Eco-friendly collection's are made from ECONYL® regenerated nylon from waste such as fishing nets from the oceans and aquaculture, fabric scraps from mills and old carpets destined for landfills, regenerated ocean plastic rubbish, and other landfill waste! So protecting childrens's skin and cleaning up the planet! Pretty amazing yea!! We think so too.

We are striving to look beyond the current, take-make-waste way of designing and making, which we now call an "extractive industrial style business model", which takes the precious resources from our planet, we make them into objects and throw them away when they are no longer of use. SunTrooper is looking at all areas of the business, we have always worked with companies as locally as possible, now we are looking at how they work and we have switched some to companies more inline with our own way of thinking. We want to produce swimwear that is not just protecting skin, but also protects the planet, not just the oceans, and  build a circular business. Starting with using waste materials that have been "regenerated and or reclyled from existing products and waste materials" to make our fabrics and packaging, and are no longer taking from the valuable resources of the earth.

We are striving to design waste out of our business system completely.




With our ECONYL® products, the circle finally comes full circle and we can offer ecological, ethical functional UPF50 + swimwear. In addition to the pleasantly soft feel and the great elasticity, this material also has important positive side effects on the environment.

For the production of ECONYL® yarn, old fishing nets are recuperated in the seas and oceans together with recycled pre-consumer and post-consumer nylon.  This is collected by ethical organisations and local communities and then reprocessed. This not only relieves the seas, but also saves energy and, of course, conserves the earths vital raw materials. So producing high quality products for the sea, and helping to clean-up the seas. From this new virgin nylon, a high quality yarn is spun.  In Italy the elastic fabric is then made from this yarn, the technical weave produces a fabric with natural density that together with the addition of Xtra Life Lycra® creates an extremely soft, durable and salt and UV resistant swimwear fabric. A sustainable 100% regenerated nylon yarn, spun in Slovenia and in Italy is woven into our UPF50+ swimwear fabric, without the need for any chemical additives, and fully certified by the manufacturer as Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Our prints are printed in Spain, on our Italian regenerated nylon base fabric, using the digital printing method, which is water and power saving, and gives amazing vibrant colour.

At SunTrooper® we believe in  "Sustainable Fashion". We are committed to protecting the enviorment, whilst protecting childrens delicate skin.  Through our design and production practices we achieve as low a carbon footprint as possible. Since 2019 our new collections are made from 100% Regenerated Nylon fabrics, woven by our Italian fabric manufacture. All other components, garment labels, threads, packaging materials,  are sourced in Germany and as locally as possible, supporting local businesses and industries to ensure a low CO2 footprint.

Your SunTrooper® UPF50+ swimwear will arrive in a reusable swimbag, and other accessories, made from the off-cuts of our fabric, so reducing waste fabric.

We use 100% PLASTIC FREE packaging for ALL our eco range deliveries.  Our packaging is made from recycled compostible carton.

All SunTrooper® garment design and production is in our studio in Munich, Germany.


SunTrooper® commitment to minimal waste

Your SunTrooper® UPF50+ swimwear will arrive packaged in a reusable swimwear bag. Since January 2019 we use compostible recycled cardboard boxes for all deliveries. 

Shipping of our SunTrooper® products is PLASTIC FREE.

In Germany, Europe and worldwide, so much packaging waste is produced as never before. We want to work against it and do our part to prevent waste and reduce plastic. For this reason, we have tried to reduce the amount of packaging waste generated during shipping to a minimum.

    • no plastic waste in the package

    • no advertising flyers

    • recycled and recyclable cardboard

    • carbon neutral through DHL GoGreen